Is White Henna Safe to Wear?

Is White Henna Safe to Wear?

White henna (or mehndi) is not a natural form of henna. Therefore, this causes people to question whether it is safe to use on the skin. Natural henna dyes your skin a brown colour and fades overtime. White henna just sits on top of the skin and therefore lasts for only a few days.

How is white henna made?

The substances actually used to make white henna varies quite a lot. Some are a combination of skin-safe cosmetic or medical adhesive such as ProsAide cream and white mica, or any other skin-safe pigment. This method is definitely the most popular method, as it is the safest for your skin and all you need to do is:

  1. Apply the ProsAide cream adhesive
  2. Wait until it dries and becomes clear and tacky
  3. Dust the white mica over the top

This method lasts between 2-7 days – the better you take care of it and make an effort to not let it fade, the longer it will last.

Real henna is a natural dye made from the leaves of the henna plant.

Dangers of white henna

It must be remembered that there is nothing natural about white henna. In fact, it is not actually henna at all. Real henna is a natural dye which is made from henna plant leaves. You can only get the brown/orange coloured henna from this plant. This is because the leaves of the henna plant contain a natural red dye that can be used to colour many parts of the body, including hair, fingernails and skin. This natural henna is completely safe to use and has been used for centuries. Any other forms of henna, like white henna, are not natural. This means they are instead made from chemicals and other substances so you must proceed with caution and do your research before using them.

Some white henna is known to contain chemicals such as:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Chlorine bleach or hair bleach
  • Various chemicals used in nail polish

If a professional henna artist is applying your henna, it’s highly likely that they will be using a skin-safe product. It is still important to check and make sure this is the case. After all, your skin is your own responsibility so you should make sure the products are safe. The last thing you want is to cause your skin any harm or irritation.

Alternatives to try

It is completely fine to use any skin-safe products to achieve the white henna look if you wish. For example, white eyeliner set with a powder, white body paint, etc. These products will achieve the same look without harming your skin. Having said this, none of these methods will give the lasting effect of natural henna dye.  If you are looking to achieve a lasting henna look, I would recommend the natural red dye.

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