Making a Digital Vision Board

pink gratitude journal next to a vision board planner outlining key goals and next steps

pink gratitude journal next to a vision board planner outlining key goals and next stepsPlanning for the future is so important for many reasons. Having a plan allows you to determine the direction in which you're wanting to head. It gives you a sense of purpose knowing there is a specific goal you are trying to reach. It also motivates you day to day to keep going and overcome any obstacle in order to reach your desired destination.

A lot of the reasons for why people feel demotivated and lacking purpose in life, is because they haven't clearly thought about their plans for the future and ultimate goals in life. They also don't believe the goals they currently have can really come true.  But, I'm here to tell you that they can!! They really can.

However, there's certain processes you need to follow in order to reach your desired outcome and in the desired timeframe too. One of these process is called a vision board.

A vision board is exactly what it says on the tin. A board full of your wildest dreams (visions) that you would like to achieve in your lifetime. These process of creating these boards and using them is a part of manifestation, which I go into more detail in a separate post.

In this post, I am going to share my tips on creating a vision board, specifically a digital vision board.

text that says i am a woman on a mission to... surrounded by post it notes of different goals


1. Why make a vision board
    • Helps you get clarity on your life goals
    • Manifest things into your life quicker
    • Keeps you motivated
2. Why make a digital vision board
    • You can keep it with you everywhere you go
    • Easier to update if your priorities change
    • No need to print photos, saves cost
3. Tools you’ll need
    • Canva - use to put the vision board together, add pics/text, resize pics
    • Pinterest - where to find images for the board in any category
4. Creating the board
    • Your choice on what to put on - pick photos representing different aspects of your life, i.e. relationships, career, lifestyle, achievements, material objects, faith based, completely up to you
    • Size your page based on phone or computer wallpaper and add the images you chose
    • Save and upload as your wallpaper


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